Peer-Reviewed Articles

Peirce, J. & G. Fondevila. (2019). Concentrated Violence: The influence of criminal activity and governance on prison violence in Latin America. International Criminal Justice Review. Read more. (Please email me if you cannot access the journal link.)

Peirce, J. (2018). Making the Mandela Rules: Evidence, Expertise, and Politics in the Development of Soft Law International Prison Standards. Queen’s Law Journal 43(2), 263-296. Available at SSRN.

Peirce, J. & L. Kowalchuk. (2005). Faith, Activism, and the Churches in Canada: Lessons from the Canada-Guatemala Solidarity Movement. Studies in Religion 34(3&4), 425-440.

Policy Reports

Peirce, J. (2019). La reforma penitenciaria en República Dominicana: Una mirada desde los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de Naciones Unidas. Global Foundation for Democracy and Development. Santo Domingo.

Peirce, J., Scheim, A., Stoicescu, C., Thumath, M., Werb, D. (2017). Canada’s Drug Futures Forum: Summary of Proceedings and Final Recommendations. Ottawa.

Peirce, J. (2017). Gap Analysis: Citizen Security in Belize. Inter-American Development Bank: Washington, DC.

Butts, J., K. Tomberg, J. Peirce, D. Evans & A. Irvine. (2016). Reclaiming Futures and Organizing Justice for Drug-Using Youth. New York, NY: Research & Evaluation Center, John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Peirce, J. & Veyrat-Pontet, A. (2013). Citizen Security in Belize: Technical Note 572. Inter-American Development Bank: Washington, DC.

Media Articles

Peirce, J., Stoicescu, C., Thumath, M., Scheim, A. & Forrest, J. (2017, Aug 31). How to heal the scars of Canada’s war on drugsOttawa Citizen.

Peirce, J. (2017, Aug 11). Prisons help turn youth into criminals. In Belize, there is a better path. Insight Crime (Republished from Caribbean DevTrends, IDB).

Peirce, J. (2016, March 22). Jailhouse Blues: Nicaragua’s Take on Prison ReformForeign Affairs. Council on Foreign Relations: New York, NY.

Blog Posts

Peirce, J. & Marmolejo, L. (Sept 8). Measuring recidivism is hard, but we must get it rightSin Miedos: The IDB Citizen Security Blog.

Peirce, J. (2014, May 2). Rethinking Masculinity to Prevent Violence Against WomenSin Miedos: The IDB Citizen Security Blog.

Peirce, J. (2014, Jan 2). Where are the Women in the El Salvador Gang Truce? Sin Miedos: The IDB Citizen Security Blog.

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Graduate Student Journal Articles

Peirce, J. (2008). Divided City: Inequality and Crime in Urban Brazil. Paterson Review (Graduate Journal of International Affairs) 9, 85-98.

Peirce, J. (2007). Protection for Whom? Stabilization and Coercive Rule in Haiti. Paterson Review (Graduate Journal of International Affairs) 8, 97-112.