Professional Experience

I have over ten years' experience in policy and program management, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean, with international organizations and grassroots NGOs. Across issues and roles, I try to take on a bridging or intermediary role, to connect the concerns and skills of people most affected by crime, violence, and inequality with decision-makers, resources, and policy levers. I have received numerous awards and fellowships in recognition of my research.

Select projects in which I’ve had a significant role:

  • Designing and implementing a doctoral research project on institutional reforms in the Dominican Republic’s prison system

  • Developing the second phase of the Community Action for Public Safety project in Belize, including community violence prevention and juvenile justice ($5M, Inter-American Development Bank)

  • Coordinating the proposal and funding approvals for the Citizen Security and Justice Programme II in Jamaica, on restorative justice, social cohesion, and youth employment ($55M, Inter-American Development Bank)

  • Managing Canadian government funding for transitional justice and conflict mediation projects in Guatemala and Colombia ($1.5M and $5M annually, Global Affairs Canada)

  • Analyzing the causes and consequences of restrictive housing in US prisons and jails (Vera Institute of Justice)

  • Coordinating a major conference on drug policy in Canada, including diverse viewpoints, in the lead-up to the legalization of cannabis (Canada Drug Futures Forum)

  • Developing and fundraising the inaugural Awesome Arts Program -- social justice education through the arts -- for youth in Ottawa (One World Arts, a local nonprofit)


Vera Institute of Justice

Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow, Center on Sentencing and Corrections

Inter-American Development Bank

Policy Specialist, Citizen Security and Justice Group (Institutional Capacity of the State Division)

Research and Evaluation Center, John Jay College

Research Associate:  project evaluation in the juvenile justice sector

Global Affairs Canada 

Program Analyst, Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force (START) (now Peace and Stabilization Operations Program);  Policy Analyst, Central America & Caribbean Bureau.  (Recruitment of Policy Leaders Program)


Pan-American Development Foundation, Washington, DC.

Co-Founder and Coordinator of the Americas Prisons Research Network: website and meetings.

Conference Coordination and Report Team: Canada’s Drug Futures Forum.

Policy Researcher: Gap Analysis Report: Citizen Security in Belize. Inter-American Development Bank.

NGO Experience

One World Arts (Volunteer Chair, Board of Directors) - Canada

Agency for the Development of Women and Children (ADWAC) - The Gambia

CRISPAZ - El Salvador

ProNica - Nicaragua