Consulting Services

Strategic Planning in Corrections & Justice Policy Work

I am skilled at turning new ideas into policy while rooting my work in evidence and integrating local nuances. Avoiding generic buzzwords or copy-paste blueprints, I work with a wide range of groups to understand the dynamics of crime, violence, and institutional responses and develop proposals collaboratively. I translate academic research and evidence from a range of disciplines and approaches into plans and policies that are meaningfully adapted to the local context. This often includes examining power relations and working with limited resources or data to produce plans and policies that are feasible and actionable.


Policy Research Design

Project Design, Data Collection, & Evaluation

I help teams move from asking, “How do we better understand and/or implement this particular issue or policy?” to creating a well-designed process for framing the central question. From gathering and analyzing the relevant data to sharing findings and recommendations in formats tailored for specific audiences, I work with you to build a process from start to finish, or lead specific phases within a wider process. I integrate theories and practices about critical and participatory research processes to center the experiences and voices of the people who are most involved in an issue. I apply gender, racial, class, and other equity lenses to all stages of research, to challenge potential assumptions and biases in data and existing procedures. I aim to develop recommendations in a collaborative way, so that they are feasible and include both formal policies and less tangible areas, like organizational change.

I use the following research and data collection methods:

  • Mixed-methods

  • Participatory approaches

  • Focus groups

  • Interviews

  • Appreciative inquiry / assets-based analysis

  • Surveys

  • Analysis of policy implementation and official documents and data


Results Based Management Frameworks

Having worked in project management for major donors and international organizations and with implementing organizations, I am familiar with numerous approaches to results frameworks, including RBM, gender-based analysis within results frameworks, and donor-specific formats. I help partner organizations map out their theories of change, links between activities and outcomes, and how they track and measure changes.